I actually really liked how they handled Blaine during this episode, I always thought he had some form of insecurity and this storyline just hit it for me; I sympathized with him and wanted to give him a huge hug. ; w;

I do think Klaine should cut down on the fighting, but I don’t really think this was a fight? It was more so Blaine having his insecurities, and not telling Kurt when he should have. And it turned out well in the end. u 3u~

Kurt being so like “:I?? What the heck Blaine, I love you so much.” as if it was so obvious that how could Blaine not see it, and Blaine’s relieved reaction to that and his little “O-Okay” was just so real and beautiful, I really loved it. ; ___;


Saber armor tutorial from Cosmode 046 scanned by me. I don’t usually buy Cosmode magazine anymore but I bought this one because of the Fate/Zero cover. XD Pretty neat tutorial for anyone looking for some tips to make Saber’s armor, or just chest/arm armors in general.


it’s episodes like these that really show how insecure blaine is. like so many people think he’s this cocky confident guy or something but like honestly he’s so fucking unsure of himself.


lea tweeted “these Klaine fights are worrying me”

ya’ll need to stop



Oh my god but Blaine actually talking about his feelings and continuity and his hero complex and wanting to help and not wanting help for himself. 

This is fucking amazing. 


GLEETV: We just tried to call a fan

GLEETV: We just tried to call a fan


sam compared hearing mercedes sing to “the greatest thing god has ever invented”